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SkillWeld Competition

Welding is the process for joining metals using in a large variety of applications. Welding is the joining of metals at a molecular level. A weld is a homogeneous bond between two or more pieces of metal, where the strength of the welded joint exceeds the strength of the base pieces of metal.

This competition is designed to test your skills in the three main Welding processes: Manual Metal Arc (MMA) Metal Active Gas (MAG) Tungston Inert Gas (TIG). 

The competition has 3 stages; each stage gradually builds up to challenge you to develop your welding skills, At each stage you will be required to complete a number of welding test pieces in carbon steel Aluminium and Stainless steel in a variety of welding positions

This competition is aimed at Trainee/Apprentice welders working and/or training in the welding industry at level 2-3 or higher level. The test pieces are marked to a set criterion based on BS EN ISO 5817.


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